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He might not be that good, but he may be this good

Since my previous post about Joe Mauer he had what, for him, was a slump in July where he hit “only” .309 including a four strikeout game July 12th and a game where he went 0 for 6 on July 19th. So after his slump how does he look now?

Stat Currently At Current AL Rank Notes
BA .383 1st Ichiro in 2nd with .365
SLG .653 1st Kendry Morales in 2nd with .575
OBP .448 1st Kevin Youklis in 2nd with .424
OPS 1.101 1st Kevin Youklis in 2nd with .987
HR 25 9th Anyone still complaining about lack of power?

And his numbers for the month of August so far are just unbelievable.

  • Batting Average – .485
  • Slugging Percentage – .882
  • On Base Percentage – .527

Can anyone actually be this good?

I’ve been looking at some of Joe Mauer’s projected season stats at ESPN.com and they’re almost impossible to believe. Just look at the projected stats and where they would rank all time for a single season.

ESPN Projection All Time Ranking
Home Runs 66 tied for 3rd
RBI 187 2nd
Avg. .444 4th

Two more stats that are difficult to believe.

Joe is currently hitting .519 against right handed pitchers and .537 at home.

Vote for Joe and Justin!

Don’t forget to place your vote online (up to 25 times) for the 2008 MLB All-Star Game as Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are each second at their positions as I type this and could use your votes.

It’s a good activity to do while watching games on TV if you have a computer you can access while doing that.

I also vote for Luis Castillo and even sometimes Cristian Guzman on the NL side of the ballot– I’m wacky like that. I think Kevin has been known to vote for an AL outfield of Gomez, Torii Hunter, and . . . wait, for it . . . Jacque Jones. He’s, um, goofy. (Kevin that is, not Jacque as far as I know. Hey– where is Jacque? I didn’t hear what happened after he was designated for assignment.)